Auto Elite Offers the Best Luxury Vans and RVs

Auto Elite is the Premier Partner of Midwest Automotive Designs, the world’s largest conversion manufacturer of Mercedes Benz Sprinters and Class B RVs. We are the oldest and most experienced dealer of Midwest Automotive Designs. Auto Elite offers all Midwest products and Auto Elite Specialty Vans to meet all travel needs. No one beats Auto Elite on Performance, Product and Price because we are located in Elkhart, Indiana, the RV Capital of the world.

4.1 Transformer


Auto Elite has the largest selection of multi-use and specific use floorplans on the market.

Road liner

Road Jet

Auto Elite designs, builds and sells the highest performing, technologically advanced Mercedes Benz Luxury Conversion Vans.

7a.Evolution Front

Eco Revolution

Auto Elite is the only company allowed to sell the Eco Evolution and Eco Revolution, the most luxurious products Midwest Automotive Designs offers.

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